Programming Job Growth Dive

Job postings for the top five programming languages have shrunk in both absolute and relative terms according to the job trends tool on  Stephen O’Grady from Redmonk, an analyst firm, finds the top programming languages every quarter using a methodology developed originally by Dataists. O’Grady counts the number of Github and StackOverflow  projects for each programming language and then ranks the totals.

The top five programming languages for the first quarter of 2013 are, in order: Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, and Ruby. Matching jobs listed on Indeed, which aggregates open positions, for those languages declined as a percentage of overall jobs:

Job listings also shrunk in terms of relative growth in the past few months (Ruby is missing since it underwent large growth that drowned out the others, but the pattern was the same):

The change doesn’t appear to be seasonal or part of an algorithm change at Indeed. The trend has cratered in the past few months and I’m not exactly sure why. Any clue?

Programming Job Growth Dive

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